Salvatore J. Zizza

Salvatore J. Zizza '67UC, '72MBA, '07HON

Salvatore J. Zizza, 71, is presently President of Zizza & Associates Corp. a private holding company which invests in various industries. Chairman of BAM, which designs and manufactures high-temperature furnaces for sale and for its own use in the processing of specialty carbon, graphite and ceramic materials for semiconductor and aerospace applications, and Chairman of Bergen Cove Realty Inc., with substantial holdings in residential real estate.  Director & Vice Chairman, Trans-Lux Corporation, a full service provider of integrated multimedia systems for today’s communications environments.

Mr. Zizza bought NICO Construction Company, Inc., in 1978 and was President and CFO until 1985 when NICO merged with The LVI Group Inc., a (NYSE), listed company.  Prior to joining The LVI Group Inc., Mr. Zizza was an independent financial consultant and had been a lending officer of Chemical Bank.  Mr. Zizza is also an investor in numerous private companies and real estate holdings.